Lymphatic complications after varicose veins surgery

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Lymphatic complications after varicose veins surgery

Postby patoco » Sat Mar 17, 2012 7:48 am

Lymphatic complications after varicose veins surgery: risk factors and how to avoid them.

Mar 2012

Pittaluga P, Chastanet S.


Riviera Vein Institute, Nice, France.


Keywords: varicose vein, varicose vein surgery, lymphatic complication, lymphocele, lymphedema, lymphatic fistuala, risk factor

Lymphatic complication (LC) after varicose veins (VVs) surgery is an annoying event with a variable frequency in the literature.

Retrospective study reviewing all surgeries carried out for VVs from January 2000 to October 2010. Postoperative LC we reported: lymphatic fistula, lymphocele including the minor ones and lymphoedema.

During the period studied, 5407 surgical procedures for VVs were performed in 3407 patients (74.7% women) with a mean age of 53.4 years. A postoperative LC occurred in 118 cases (2.2%): lymphocele on limb in 1.3%, inguinal LC (fistula or lymphocele) in 0.7% and a lymphoedema in 0.2%. The population with a LC was older (59.6 vs. 53.3 years, P < 0.05), had a higher frequency of C4-C6 (22.0% vs. 6.5%, P < 0.05), a higher incidence of obesity (31.4% vs. 5.4%, P < 0.05) and was more often treated by a redo surgery or a crossectomy stripping (48.3% vs. 13.4% and 38.1% vs. 21.8%, respectively, P < 0.05). We have observed a dramatic decrease in incidence of LC after January 2004 (1.3% vs. 5.3%, P < 0.05) corresponding to a new surgical practice for the treatment of VVs: stripping, crossectomy and redo surgery at the groin were less frequent (74.6% vs. 7.7%, 74.6% vs. 0.2% and 11.3% vs. 0.1%, respectively, P < 0.05), while isolated phlebectomy was more often performed during this period (78.4% vs. 8.4%, P < 0.05).

LC after VVs surgery is not rare but frequently limited to lymphocele on limbs. Older age, more advanced clinical stage and obesity were associated with a higher frequency of LC. A mini-invasive and selective surgery has significantly reduced the occurrence of LC.

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