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Postby Shirl » Mon Jul 21, 2008 4:18 pm

Hi Pat and Friends:

Well I have felt of late like I have been backed into a corner and can't get out; and thats when I look up and really spend extra time with The Lord.

Wrappings just don't work for me and would end up in a divorce anyways and just is not worth all of the trouble.
I had a bad experinece with MLD treatments of which i cannot afford any more and the closest on to me is about 1.5 hrs away. Due to the high costs of travel as well as the length of times its just not in our budget.

My dear hubby can't do much for me re MLD becasue of his back and we do not have anything high enough.
Also because of all the other problems going on in my body the MLD treatments are so painful and i can hardly stand anything touching my legs.

I have spend so much money on compression graments( PantyHose)that just sit in the cupboard now.
Thye were far too tight and the wrong compression I found out only to late to make exchanges.
I even tried a lighter comporession pantyhose and they were returned once and they still hurt so bad where the seams are at the crotch so they have gone to the cupboard also.

I then tried thigh hi's and have 2 prs of them. The problem with them is they constrict the movement of my kness so much and then my knees really pain more when I take them off at bed time.
I thought at first maybe I was imaging things but no I am not and found that what was happening with the thigh hi's is it was just pushing all the stuff up to my abdomen and thigh and hip areas.
So they are sitting here too.
The i went to knee hi's and wowie no matter what we do they cut me where the foot joins the leg on the right one.
It wrinkles there and we can't stop ot from doing that because of the buldge of the leg at that spot.

I have made a lot ofd phone calls and done some research and this is actually what happens with compression graments.
It's rather; like a balloon....... if you fill it with some air and then you squueze it tight in an area or place pressure on it; it will bulge out in another area.
This is whats happening ion my body re compression garments.

IT HAS TO GO SOMEWHERE ; and if it can't escape out of the body will find a new area to pool up in.
I know the end results of primary Lymohedema and Lipedema and how it can eventually become sytemic.
Its already in both arms now as well as i get the lymph fuid in my chest and have gagging chocking spells.

All of the above methods of treatment are just that... methods that only MANAGE the problems tempoarily and DO NOT SOLVE them.

The lifesaver in regards to my legs and my skin and the prevention of cellulitis this far has been all my water walking and pool exercises.
And for this I am so os grateful even if its a discipline and I have to do it no matter how I am feeling that day.

But I believe God is leading along a brand new path towards better health and less pain.
I know that the undelying casue of so many disease including Firbomyalgia; Osteo ASthritis and a lot of atoimumune diseases is whats called "The Leaky Gut Sydrome"
As well as bodies being too Acid and not being Alkaline.

So I am being so careful what I eat and atending to this problem; and also taking Greens Plus in powder form each day.
I do drink 8-10 bottles of pure wateer every day.

Okay now my ray of hope; after lost of prayer and research I have now started having Light Lasr Treatments and only have to drive about 50 mins from my home.
I already have noticed a slight difference and will keep you posted as i go along.
Yes indeed I am excited and now have hope forthe future state of my health.

I have also been intouch with somone who has Lipedema as well as Primnary Lymphedema and more; and had had
treatments for over 2 years and says she is a new person and now back to work full time and very little pain.

Please join me in praying that this will me my breakthrough; and help to give me my life back once again.
Thanks for listening.
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Postby patoco » Mon Jul 21, 2008 7:20 pm

Hey Shirl :)

We're with you in those prayers.

You can't get much better then those water exercises and water walking. It always amazes me how much better LE is when we're able to do that.

Have you had them check on that breathing???? Make sure they keep a check on that so that you'll know if the fluid is filling that lung cavity....boy, do I have lots of experience on that one. :roll: Even a simple xray can show fluid up in the lung cavity.

I'm really interested in hearing how the laser works for you. I've gotten really good reports from others - so let's hope it does the same for you too :!: :!:

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Postby Shirl » Tue Jul 22, 2008 12:02 am

Thanks so much for you quick response as usual.
You have been on my mind a lot of late and wanting you to know I have been praying for you too.
Also thank you for your encouragement re the Light laser Treatments.
I would love to hear from others who have also had sucess re this.
There are so many people that taboo it without doing their homework.

I had an appt with Dr Khan himself and my what an intelligent man he is.
He was one of North America's leading Orthopedic Surgeons; and while on many of his trips across the world he was always encountering amazing reports re laser theraphy and this really intrigued him..
Rather than just retire and spend his money, he embarked on intense studies of laser and following which he designed he BioFlex Light laser Equipment thats now being used around the world. (Meditech International Inc.)

Being a Canadian his head office is here in Toronto Ontario and he also has a Rehabilitation Clinic and Training Center there.
Its about 2.5 hrs from me but was well worth the drive and expense.

Having now seen him and he has assessed my body and knows all about me re all of my diaganosis I have been given; and medical history....... he has sent his results and protocol to my Dr Beth ( Chiropractor) for my ongoing treatments.
They will now work together.

Speaking of chest xray re Lymph fluid; when I saw Dr Balllagh my Otolaryngoloist late last October re my allergies and because I seem to have developed a bad cough that lingers following all of surgeries re inhibating........I had also asked him what could be causing the gagging and choking ........ he immediatly said oh thats your Lymphedema.
So thanks for the reminder re this Pat; and I will ask for a chest xray this fall; and have the results ready for DrBallagh when I see him again.

Thanks again for your prayers and reply and I would love to hear from others who have had sucess with Light laser treatments for any type of ailments.

Shirl :)
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Re: A RAY OF HOPE-Plus Good news

Postby Shirl » Sun May 09, 2010 7:51 pm

I have been catching up on some of the entries here on the forum and noticed that I had not came back and given you and update re the Light Laser Treatments. They were excellent but we found that I really needed to have most of my body done and that would be far too costly.
It will work well for Lymphedema but again for me its too costly.
There is a home setup that can be purchased and with that Dr Khan's staff will train you in how to use it properly at home.
But again its out of my reach finacially.
It did make my shoulder so so much better and we also used it some on my right knee.

I am expecting to have as right knee replacement either late fall or early next spring. Dr Beth will be giving me laser treatment for that knee following my surgery.

HoweverI am reaping the ongoing rewards from having connected with Dr Beth. She is a chiropractor but does not crack oe manipulate your bones etc.
She uses 2 othere pieces of equpment.Arthro-Stim and its fantastic for me and now last fall she a bought another very expensive piece of equipment and I forget whats its called; but it helps to promote and stimulate Lymph drainage.
Its really wprks well for me but I wish i could afford to go more oftener than I do.
Twice a week would be so perfect.
Shje rolls it all over the places that I have Lymphedema especially and also is sure to do my upper back incase of any Lymph fuid there.

When I go for my next appointment I will be sure to write down the name of this other treatments.

I have moderate to severe degenerative joint disease throughout the spine as well as degerative disc disease. Adding to that my Osteoarrthritis.
Dr Beth really heps my back so much using the Artnro Stim. It sure releives my back pain and I can now bend way over and before I couldn't.

She is such a sweet compassionate person and I am blessed to have her as part of my health Care team.

Lymp/Lip Hugs
:D Shirl
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