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micro surgery- Campisi style

PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2007 1:02 am
by SteveB
Hello all.
Over the years, there has been talk about a not so new treatment done by a doctor in Genoa, Italy- Dr. Corradino Campisi.
For those who've read his write ups, he apparently takes a graft of the patient's own blood veins, and grafts them to the separated lymph vessels.
The result has been a reasonably quick reduction of swelling.
Pat has posted his work in the old forum-- which is how I'd originally learned about it.
I'm curious if any one here has had that surgery, or something similar.
If so, what has been your long term results?
I vaguely remember reading that a number of patients after a certain period began experiencing reswelling due to clogging in these microsurgically grafted vessels.
Thanks for your feedback, to any and all responders.
Best Regards.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2007 2:36 am
by patoco
Hi There Stranger :)

The technique is technically called:

microsurgical lymphovenous anastomoses

I gathered all available abstracts and put them in the Treatment forum.

Thanks for posting this s i couldn't believe I had not included this in our forums after all this time. :roll:


Re: micro surgery- Campisi style

PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:27 pm
by Mii
Hi all...I'm a reader (AKA lurker), although a 'registered' reader and I don't think I've ever actually posted previously.

I'm originally from Australia where the 'official' stand on the condition is "learn to live with it" but I was stubborn and refused to do so. I've been in Italy for seven months now...during which time I've been under the care of Professor Campisi.

Let's go back before going forward.

I developed Lymphedema in one leg due to the removal of nodes and glands during surgery for Cervical Cancer which took place in December of 2004. I 'carried' the condition for five years before finding Professor Campisi. I have had the surgery to create, by microsurgery, a functioning lymphatic system. The results ARE immediate and with follow up therapy, dramatic. I have since undergone a second, complementary, surgery during which the Professor (or Prof as we all affectionately call him) inserted artificial drains into my lower leg. This immediately (and once again, dramatically) reduced the very stubborn fibrotic tissue which had formed in my calf and ankle. My legs are not, yet, a perfectly matching set but with continual therapy and care, they soon will be.

The 'process' is a 3-5 year commitment during which time you must continue to wear compression garments but it is well worth the effort.

If anyone has ANY questions I'd be glad to answer them.


Re: micro surgery- Campisi style

PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 9:33 am
by patoco
Hi K

Glad you posted, I very much appreciate you sharing on this.

I am quite interested in the artificial drains in your legs. Can you describe what Dr. Campisi did?

Also, does he have any results from 10 - 20 years back?

Thanks, very much look forward to your response :)


Re: micro surgery- Campisi style

PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:44 am
by Mii
Hi Pat

Sorry to have taken so long to reply...I will give you a brief rundown.

Here in Italy, Prof Campisi and his son, a surgeon himself...are now doing yet another complementary surgery which is lipo surgery technique...modified to not be as invasive and to not damage the lymphatic system (damaged existing and the one created by microsurgery).

I have had 'all' surgeries and treatments available (having been in Italy for over 1.5 years).

I'm guessing what you REALLY want to know is 'what are the results'.

I am INCREDIBLY happy to report that my leg...which was about 4 times the size of the other when we left now fully functioning (lymphatically speaking) and looks only slightly different in size to my right leg (the unaffected leg).

The first surgery was to create the 'mirror' lymphatic system...the second to insert some artificial drains which 'assisted' the lymphatic flow...the third, and final, the lipo procedure, was to remove the fibrous tissue to make both legs 'look the same'.

My progress has been VERY GOOD and I'm INCREDIBLY happy with the results...I see 'a little difference every day' and will now, finally being satisfied that I am improving all the time, return to Australia later this year...confident that I am now 'managing' this condition. Of course, as we all know, I will always HAVE Lymphoedema...but I can honestly and thankfully say, this is a condition that is well and truly 'under control'. I have, and will take with me, a portable "Lymphapress" machine which 'pumps' the leg...3-5 times a day for 1 hour...I am still in the 'early stages' of recovery...and this can become 'less in time'

Professor does have very good "long term" results (he's been doing this a very long time) and there are many of his patients who are, after time, no longer even need the compression stockings etc.

Here's a link to a website which has a great deal of information about Professor, his work and his research. It's quite 'easy' to get an appointment with him...just email or telephone.

Re: micro surgery- Campisi style

PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2013 1:30 pm
by patoco
Hi Mii'

I so appreciate you sharing and am encouraged/happy to read how well you are doing. Dr. Campisi has been at the fore front of lymphedema surgery/research for many years now and apparently has had good results in a number of them.

I do wish we had more info from him to study as frankly I am unsure about some of the info I read from the US doctors when they write about those surgeries, guess I feel they are not a careful or studied about them.

I had three of the Thompson's procedures done from 1971 - 1973 and trust me, they were/are a real flop and disaster. They told me that this surgery was going to really fix everything up. LOL....not.........

Now you can't even find any followup studies anywhere on the Thompsons.

I do hope and pray you will keep us informed when you return to Australia,,,,,don't forget us :)